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Pantyhose fetish chat

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Pantyhose fetish chat

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It is an adult fantasy exploring human sexuality and does not advocate any actual, real, intended or otherwise violence against the actual person. Narrator: It was early December and the location was a downtown film and photography studio at a converted, former warehouse in Los Angeles. The company owning the studio went by the name, SuperTimesVideo. It was known for film and video productions for a large of client companies involved in fitness exercise, product promotions, modeling photography, and even movie production. Ariel, Inc.

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Just do it! The train had, so to speak, left the station. A flood of warm semen spilled out inundating my underwear briefs, flowing down the shaft, over my balls and into the thighs.

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My fingers were dirty already and my curiosity was aroused. The insides of the snipped crotch panel were stiff and speckled by starchy substance, no doubt seminal fluid. His cock proudly and hungrily stood out at a fetihs angle, almost completely straight.

He tossed the leotard aside and wrapped his arms around her. Looking through the snipped crotch panel lay a crumpled up used condom.

PantyHose Fetish

At the bottom of the purse I retrieved a small, blue plastic box. I speculated that Mary may not be keeping close track of her pantyhose and not notice the missing ones. Lifting the lid, I peered down at what looked to be three, ivory-colored balls, about one-inch in diameter apiece.

I like that. It was a shiny, tan, Leggs Sheer Energy pantyhose which judging by its odor had been lying in the clothes bag for a while. Trey held the back of her head as he pressed his open mouth over hers and thrust his tongue deeply inside.

I asked for permission to post it and was told I could for others to enjoy it. It bore stains from her vagina and smelled strongly musk. Trey Terrell is a handsome bi-racial, or more accurately, multi-racial man.

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The exertions of the past several hours wore on her. But what if it was something else?

The few individuals present earlier in the day had departed, either for the rest of the day or for a late lunch. There were other staff around the studio but it was not a filming or videotaping day so the premises were mostly cyat.

Chat With Guys Interested In Pantyhose Chat

I retrieved the condom and held it up to unravel the thin, translucent latex. She was examining some part of the pantyhose and slightly pantyose her head and muttering something.

As long as Mary Hart continued to wear pantyhose she would be a walking advertisement for Leggs Sheer Energy pantyhose. She pantyhosd off her burgundy-color blazer jacket and used the dressing room hangers to store in on a wall hook. After wiping myself clean, I would have to wear my jeans sans underwear. The off-black color indicated possibly nightclub or party celebration attire and I wonder if that was part of it.

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It was a complete sopping mess. Trey started kissing Mary on the lips, only lightly at first with quick pecks, taking her by surprise. Pressing his fingertips and thumb further, he opened the vaginal sheath into an open moist tunnel.

But that was true of all cervixes. So much pre-cum had flowed that my cock was sticking to the underwear.

Her name was Mary Hart, already a well-known television show host. Pulling forward the waste basket, she straddled it and squatted slightly.

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This continued for a short time. She emerged, still talking to the people inside the conference room. Mary applied body powder to her lower body.

He just ripped the crotch open to let his penis go through. Finished, Mary proceeded to dress herself cuat the same outfit she wore walking into the studio. I heard their voices outside the room door, listened to the dressing room door open and close.

I was 26 at the time fetsih Mary Hart was 38 but she looked exceptional for her age, besides her beautiful face and perfect, toned, supple legs, was completely fit and trim. I chanced one more search of the clothes gym bag. She rubbed the powder on her thighs and buttocks.

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Cbat of your damn business. The pain seems to make the orgasm pleasure greater. Webcam Pantyhose Porn chat room. A black professional athlete I was interviewing in his hotel room raped me.

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I puzzled. I opened that lid and saw another diaphragm.

I was already inside the equipment room. Oh patyhose groans, moanswhat the hell…okay, okay. It was at that point that Mary tried to put the brakes on and excuse herself for getting dressed to go home. Peering closer he gazed at the shiny, raised mound of flesh with a dimple in the middle, her cervix.

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Mary looked up at him, startled and confused. She would deposit small amounts in the palms of her hands and proceed to lightly rub the powder over her skin. But Trey was having none of it. She wiped her genital area with copious tissues. Pamtyhose must have felt it too because she spread her feet apart some and bent her knees, reaching down to grasp the dangling cotton string.