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Mlp roleplay chat

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Mlp roleplay chat

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This is a community server formed around the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic show, but besides that we also have a wide array of other areas we cover, such as video games, art, photos and of course memes. We also have roleplay and a marketplace for artists to advertise their commissions.

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If you have an issues with or about the server do not hesitate to message any of the Elements Of Harmony Admins shown in important-info. Our custom ponytown server is up and running.

To avoid confusion and interruption, if there are multiple conversations happening at the same time in the general chat, please consider moving to the topic specific channels or the general-2 chat. Chzt Rules No unsolicited RP.

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Pop Culture by Dictionary. All our roles can be obtained via the role-list by yourself with the exception of a few.

Whilst swearing is allowed, try to keep it to a minimum. Try and keep excessive RP out of the general chats. Ban appeal form.

Their job is the same as a regular Town Guard however they have reduced moderation powers. Not really in to the MLP thing but this looks good and not as Furies so yeah.

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Welcome to Ponychan. Do not use memes or reaction images in general channels. My little pony roleplay chat. To avoid confusion and interruption, if there are multiple conversations happening at the same time in the generalplease consider moving to the topic specific channels or general When posting links or images keep them relevant to the current channel or conversation or with the intent to start a conversation.

Entertainment Earth is your source for action figures, toys, collectibles, and bobble he to collect. Generosity This role gives you the ability to post in the sfw-marketplace to advertise your commission or other fandom related services.

Try to keep discussions relevant to the current channel and avoid interrupting others when they are conversing. This includes spoiler text abuse, insulting other servers, emojis, excessive caps and repetitive one word responses. Captain Vanity Captain Vanity is a bossy and busty femdom.

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Any porn enthusiast can find an enormous selection of full length, porn movies up in here. If you want to access the marketplace in order to sell commissions and other fandom-related items, you roeplay ask a member of staff to get the corresponding roles. The Best Xxx Game - -consult. Welcome to the server! We reserve the right to remove any member who we feel creates a negative experience for other members in the server or who purposefully test the limits of the rules.

In general we run a 3 strike system however punishment will be decided on a case by case basis. Chatt is okay to give an invite link to another discord server in DM IF the user asked you for one.

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Roleplayer This role will give you access to all the roleplay rooms available on cjat server. The main responsibility of a Town Guard is to make sure that all users have a positive server experience.

Especially to my lovely Patrons for this month of February, of course as of typing this. A snuggle or two or emoting is fine, but no full-blown RP. Background Pony Achieved at level If you have read and agree with these rules, please type into the verification channel. For viewers that are into Female Domination, male submissives, CBT, ballbusting, bondage, biting and ruined orgasms ALL Nazi, Communist, and war-related content is forbidden.

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Official Ponychan Twitter. What Does Chatzy Mean? These members are in charge of official server business and administration. See the Hotties in action and learn about their smoke fetish or apply and become an A List Smokin Hottie!!