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Married and lonely dating norway chat rooms

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Married and lonely dating norway chat rooms

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Printable version Is web romance breaking marriages? Internet websites and chat rooms are making it easier for partners to have an affair and may be adding to the UK's rising divorce rate.

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David, England No, the web is not breaking up marriages. With many people misguided as to what it does and how it works, it seems a perfect empty void into which society can throw accusations. My marriage is getting back on track, but I still look back and can't believe I was so foolish. Wendy Harrison-Fox, Oslo, Norway While the web makes it much easier to meet people from all over the world, I do not believe that it breaks up marriages Arlene, Houston, Texas, USA While the web makes it much easier to meet people from all over the world, I do not believe that it breaks up datingg.

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The one sad thing about it all was she was more interested in hearing the "ding" from her PC to let her know someone was chatting to her, than actually spending time with her family. Dan from New Jersey, your story sounds familiar - I had loonely friend on the same chat room who had that problem. Fortunately for him, he managed to meet someone else and I believe is now very happily settled in the States - the internet does bring a lot of positives as well!

I reported him to cbat police and he was subsequently charged and sent to jail for it.

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Why is it you only ever hear about things going wrong with the internet? If that's enough to facilitate the breakdown of a marriage then that relationship was never going to last in the first place.

Those then prone to affairs would have them a lot earlier, get caught everybody does and can then be kicked out of the marriage a lot earlier than would otherwise be possible. Sometimes talking to someone far removed from the situation concerned can help far daring than talking to someone right in the middle of it. The net did not end my marriage, it brought me love.

Phil, Chester, England If rkoms couple aren't happy, surely that's the cause of a break up Gemma, Preston, Lancs It gives people the encouragement and opportunity to meet new people if they're single. Your exact method for being an adulterer is irrelevant. Pity the only one whom will suffer will be the wonderful person who stood with you and vowed until death do you part.

You may decide to keep chatting because you continually meet new people or you may meet the love of your life and leave the groups. These turn into suggestive then if the person is enjoying the flirting the messages turn very sexual.

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Jo, London, UK Of course it's adding to the divorce rate. Because the net is one of the few ways in which we can instantly talk to people from different countries, sharing a wide range of views on world events.

Jonny, England The web seems to be the popular scapegoat of the day. The internet can help fuel a fantasy of happily-ever-after but can't hide the reality forever.

Cathi, Liverpool, UK Well, I met my husband online at a time when I was housebound and unable to get out to meet people - I've made many good friends online worldwide. Internet is not to blame for any divorces.

It got to the point where he'd come home, have his tea and chat on the net eooms the early hours, leaving me to do the housework night after night and mope around with no company. However, the increase in divorces is simply a manifestation of changing societal morals, in a world that is ever faster paced.

If the net were to be shut down which will never happenthe world would be crippled. Joanne, Buckinghamshire A marriage in which one of the persons has a web 'romance', I believe, must already have been in trouble.

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Blaming the internet for the breakdown in marriages is like blaming an umbrella for the fact that it's raining. Whether you want to enjoy casual dating or are looking for a serious relationship, there is someone for everyone with a local dating site. I then found my current partner online. We have to spend a lot of time apart in different countries, marrisd thanks to the internet, we are able to stay connected easily and at low cost. They will simply carry on business as usual.

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Brian, North UK My friend's husband left her for another MAN he met online - not sure daating would have had the guts to go out and search for a real gay lover but the internet enabled him to make a start, and now, to dump his family. We are thinking of getting married next year.

I would never have met my wife had it not been for the internet, given that she was in the US and I was in the UK when I first started chatting with her on-line. MarcMarroed, England Certainly. Jack, London It's possible that the web has facilitated the break-up of relationships.

I had datimg on my marriage, and my heart was now broken. The Internet is hardly to blame for these trends, any more than the other emergent technologies.