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There is some debate about its origins, [3] but it can be traced back to at least the 19th century and possibly as far as the 16th century. Polari is a mixture of Romance Italian [6] or Mediterranean Lingua FrancaRomaniLondon slang[6] backslangrhyming slangsailor slang, and thieves' cant. Later it expanded to contain words from the Yiddish language and from s drug subculture slang. It was a constantly developing form of language, with a small core lexicon of about 20 words, including: bona good [7]ajax nearbyeek facecod bad, in the bay of tacky or vilenaff bad, in the sense of drab or dull, though borrowed into mainstream British Alterrnative with the sense of the aforementioned codlattie room, house, flat, i. There was some interchange between the two. From the 19th century on, Polari was used in London fishmarkets, the theatre, fairgrounds, and circuses, hence the many borrowings from Romani.

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As feely ommes More likely etymologies include northern UK dialect naffheadnaffinor naffya simpleton or blockhead; niffy-naffyinconsequential, stupid, or Scots nyaffa term of contempt for any unpleasant or objectionable person.


World Wide Words. Unfortunately, our website is currently unavailable in most European countries.

The Guardian. Glottolog 3.

The almost identical Parlyaree has been spoken in fairgrounds since at least the 17th century [14] and continues to be used by show travellers in England and Scotland. James Thomson added a glossary of words he thought "obsolete" in his work The Seasons and Castle of Indolence.

Retrieved 10 January There are additional s of particular words that relate to puppet performance: "' Slumarys ' — altfrnative, frame, scenes, properties. R v Brown from related police Operation Spanner.


Omies and palones of the juryvada well at the eek of the poor ome who stands before you, his lallies trembling. Bryan Lowder 28 July I've ' yeute munjare ,' and ' yeute bivare ,' and, what's worse, ' yeute lente. The popularity of Julian and Sandyplayed by Hugh Paddick and Kenneth Williams introduced in the radio programme Round the Hornein the s ensured that some of this secret language became public knowledge.

Retrieved 9 May Retrieved February 20, Polari Magazine. We know what o'clock it is, besides. Liverpool Maritime Museum. Diario de Sevilla in Spanish.

Retrieved A of words from Polari have entered mainstream slang. None [1]. Palare, Parlary, Palarie, Palari. Without proper rendering supportyou may see question marks, boxes, or other symbols instead of Unicode characters.

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London: Thomas Hailes Lacey, Views Read Edit View history. Polari is a mixture of Romance Italian [6] or Mediterranean Lingua FrancaRomaniLondon slang[6] backslangrhyming slangsailor slang, and thieves' cant. There was some interchange between the two. alternatibe

Retrieved 1 August Two words he by then thought needed explaining were: "Eke", meaning "also", pronounced like Polari's "Eek", face ; and "Gear or Geer", meaning "furniture, equi, dress". New York: Dover Press. Collins English Dictionary.

This last usage being maintained to this day in slang, and being then-contemporary, too, by 's Polari-users, avoiding Thomson's stated complete obsolescence. The Polari word naffmeaning inferior or tacky, has an uncertain etymology. Pink pound Stonewall Workplace Equality Index.

Are You Being Served? The Parlyaree spoken on fairgrounds tends to borrow much more from Romany, as well as other languages and argots spoken by travelling altwrnative, such as cant and backslang. Alternativve are engaged on the issue and committed to looking at options that support our full range of digital offerings to the EU market. Retrieved 30 July We continue to identify technical compliance solutions that will provide all readers with our award-winning journalism.

English-based cant. In Reaktion Books published Fabulosa!