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Tombseye agrees that this is a "guess" an "educated guess". This article has been locked for 3 weeks now. Effectively making it Tombseye's article. Let us not repeat this anti-pattern in the process by sticking to your "guess" and adopting a hardliner stance that it should be the centerpiece in this article.

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Talk:Turkish people/Archive 3

Again Cyril Mango writes about the very considerable of Slavonics including the tribe Sagoudaous in Bythnia circa The Turkmenwhile are still Central Asian Turkic-Mongoloids, have mixed heavily with Caucasoid neighbours to the west, and many of the even more westerly Turkic-speakers, such as those in Azerbaijan appear to have little or no visible Mongoloid ancestry, although many may have less visible Mongoloid features.

I don't understand this tangent you're taking here.

If Stanford Shaw is claiming Turkish people are mongrels then he should be quoted as saying this with his own words. It seems to me that we're both working with estimations of populations regardless of what angle, historical or genetic or a composite of both, and extracting exact quotes from the article should remove any ambiguity at any rate, while still keeping the information. Turkic should be used for everyone else. The quotes you give are the usual position with most studies of this sort.

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Stop provoking people by your lies. Let us not repeat this anti-pattern in the process by sticking to your "guess" and adopting a hardliner stance that it should be the centerpiece in this article. Nor is there very much mention of erzinngan recovery, which we can see even in modern times as with the extremely high birthrates in low life expectancy regions such as sub-Saharan Africa and Afghanistan etc.

Specifically, what's wrong with the article? The plague hit the urban centers the hardest and mortality rate in urban centers is much higher that the rural areas. The internal immigration to cities took place in the 70s and even then people from the same village settled in the same districts in the large city. Stanford Shaw, who is probably one of the most ardent defenders of the Turks as with the Armenian genocide and other issues even believes in some sort of assimilation of Anatolians into the growth of a Turkish identity.

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Batuta in a way acting like an inspector and observing the adherence to Islam of the Turkmen populations. In Istanbul there are myri of social clubs named after their villages cities etc. Anybody who has some exposure to science knows that you cannot average percentages I am willing to debate at lengths about why you can't do that if there are any takers. When we talk about the turks of Turkey we are talking about this exact mongol component of lack thereof as the Central Asian read as Turkic component.

We don't have this information and most proably we will never have.

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Turkic rulers ruled much of southwest asia for centuries and dispersed in many different directions as far as Egypt. Next, a lot of the scientists are either Europeans or Turks with Turkish names. And the result is that there is little mongolian contribution in Asia Minor. We can add information, but I see no reason to remove anything. And Tombseye added "real turks are mongoloids" argument which Dienekes is trying to show with torturing the of several different papers.

Why not? I also witu that for a Turkish person to have Europid traits that person does not have to have inherited these traits from an originally Indo-European speaking peoples.

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In this way, the article will address many issues and also look comparable to erzinban ethnic peoples articles. This is variable in Turkey due to the varied ancestry of most of the population.

If we have room for your theory, then we certainly have room for this one too. If you guys agree on these statements then we are in agreement.

Was their family born in Anatolia or another countries which are considered as Turkic country? By most s, according to the historical record, which you yourself have been referring to, the Turks are first mentioned by the Chinese and appear to be close to the Mongols.

I don't understand what you're debating here. He had thought that like Gimbutas Indo-Europeans originated from Asia, thus this did not leave any room for Turkic homeland. Rumi's not a Turk and he is a Tajik.

A trip to Eastern Turkey a hundred years after the "forgotten genocide".

Just my two cents. While many scholars explain the variablity of the physical characteristics of Turkic Mongoloids as the result of intermixing with Caucasoids, some propose that there may have at one point been a distinct Sexg Mongoloid group, with particular and distinct physical characteristics With no sourcing of the claim with references.

And yes languages and genes don't have to correspond at all times. Please note that eastern part of the Empire includes Syria and Egypt.

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People change, move eith, assimilate other cultures etc. I mean Rumi was an ethnic Tajik. Since this statement is likely to spark contreversy along the lines whether Safavids had Turkish roots, I am saying that this needs to be investigated and we shoud avoid overreaching generalizations. This effort le to another problem that different self-proclaimed ethnicities are genetically similar in Turkey and that genetic material in Turkey chta close the neighboring countries and to Europeans.

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The Mongol invasions in and again erzibgan changed all that. Nor did I say I support some aggregation of data. Are you sure this isn't simply about not liking the findings rather than questioning the scientific merit of the ?